About Us

About Us

 Barry Cullen – CEO/Photographer

“Through twenty years in the photography industry, our greatest strength has been our ability to change. We are constantly growing, adapting, researching, designing, renovating, and reinventing ourselves to get better at what we do. Like most businesses, change is the only constant you can rely on – change in styles, fads, technologies, market trends, public perceptions – and we’re no different. It’s the very change that has enabled us to become the creative, innovative company that we are today.”






Rob Lovatt – EO/Photographer

“Photography is about more than just shooting an image. It’s about capturing the essence of people. Whether we’re photographing a business portrait, a bride, or the interaction between families, father and son, or the emotion between mother and newborn babe, there’s a precise moment we’re after that encapsulates and defines a person or a relationship. These are the real moments of life; moments otherwise carefully crafted in painting and literature that a photographer must capture as it happens.”






Michelle Kasprick – Assistant/Production

  “It’s important to us that our clients get a quality product that looks fantastic. We spend a lot of time retouching images, designing wall groupings and unique products, and building albums that suit our clients’ needs. It’s no longer just about making a print – it’s all about the final image. And there’s nothing greater than seeing the excitement on someone’s face when they see that finished product for the first time.”