Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Quest Photo Safari 2014!

_SJ90723Hello happy travelers!!  Wow what an incredible trip!!  My hat is off to everyone who took part in the experience – we all did so much and took advantage of what was available to us in Costa Rica!!  Such amazing sights, people, and food!  I am already looking going back!!  🙂

Please see below for links to the shared photo skydrive and the order form for the souvenir DVD/thumbdrive, and the official daily highlight image galleries!


Shared Photo Skydrive

Here is where we can upload and share images we took in Costa Rica!  It’s pretty straight forward to do both, but if anyone has questions on how to do so, just send me an email or give me a call at 727-1085 and i’ll gladly walk you through it!  I always love seeing images from trips, and it’s particularly interesting seeing images from the same scene but through someone else’s eyes!

Souvenir DVD and Thumbdrive

These are a great keepsake for the trip!  Both a souvenir DVD and thumbdrive will be offered from this trip.  Read the description to decide which you would prefer:

Souvenir DVD

  • will contain highlight videos from each day, with some titles to know the day and location during the video!
  • is easy to use – put it in your DVD or blu-ray player and select the day you want you watch!
  • Please note – it can’t be added to – just like any store-bought movie DVD
  • When you order the DVD, it will be shipped or be ready for pickup at Keywest Photo within a few days – you will be notified!

Souvenir USB Thumbdrive

  • will contain highlight videos from each day, with some titles to know the day and location during the video!
  • images of notable highlights and scenery from the tour prepared as printable postcard files!
  • the group photos taken on the trip prepared as printable files!
  • space for you to add images from the daily galleries!  (optional)
  • you will be emailed before it is finalized with any images you want from the daily galleries!

Each are $45 + taxes, or you can buy both for $69!  Price includes shipping!  Click here to go to the daily galleries if you want to add them to the thumbdrive.

Daily Galleries

Here is where you can check out the top pics that I took from each day!  It’s always tough to narrow them down, but these are a well-rounded collection of sights along the way!  Many of them will be on the daily videos on the DVD/thumbdrive, but here you can order them to be added as various files that will be added to your thumbdrive.  Images are $3 each.  🙂