What do you do when you need to restore the color to that 30-year-old canvas transfer print? You find the matching coaster and bring it to us!

This was yet another interesting restoration project. The original print, which was mounted to stretched canvas, was almost completely devoid of color after years of exposure to daily UV. By stroke of luck, the family had the same image produced as coasters, which did not receive the same level of UV light, thus was in excellent color condition.


So the procedure here was to combine the clarity of the large canvas with the well-preserved color of the coaster. With some advanced blending techniques in the digital darkroom, the two were brought together in a near-seamless image, which was then printed onto archival Hahnemuhle canvas. The final product is vibrant and was put back in the original frame.

I am a big proponent of restoring and preserving heirloom images for future generations to enjoy, and take charge of their own history. If you have a similar project and would like more information, please contact me!