4H has long-standing tradition of providing enrichment opportunities for youth in Manitoba and across Canada!  ‘Members can choose from more than 60 interesting hands-on projects like beef, photography, outdoor cooking, machines, crafts and more! Communication activities help them establish strong speaking and interpersonal skills, while fun events help them build friendships.’

This past weekend, it was a privilege to participate in their “Putting it all together” senior member event!  Eight keen photo enthusiasts from all over Manitoba came to the studio for an intensive 4-hour workshop about photography.  In keeping with the 4H motto “learn to do by doing”, the members experimented and learned about their cameras, studio lighting, and photoshop concepts.  The task was to bring an object that stirs some interest, then light and photograph that object to show volume and form.  The goal was to produce refined print by the end of the session, which they all did brilliantly.  I have to thank each of them for their unique perspectives and energy during the session – it was a great time passing on some knowledge to these young adults!  I’d also like to thank our good friends at the Bloom Box in Brandon for donating a beautiful flower arrangement as a subject to be photographed!

Having myself taken part in a 4H photography many moons ago, I can attest to the importance of the program!    It provides youth all across the world access to knowledge and builds confidence with a proactive approach to learning.  If you are interested in learning more, visit https://4-h-canada.ca/connect/find-club, or their facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/manitoba4h/.

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