Educational Experience: Habits and concepts to strengthen your Photography

If you have a decent camera and want to know more about how it ticks, or if you want to sharpen your photographic skills with some basic concepts, this informative 3-hour workshop is for you!

WHEN:  Saturday, March 25, 10am - 1pm.

In case you were wondering, it's true - modern cameras and photography is far more complex than it every was.  Cameras have come a long way since the beginning, with some of the most astounding leaps in digital technology being made in the past few years.  But what is really important to a good photographic image? How much of your camera do you really need to know about and use in order to make a great photograph? In this workshop we will cut through the complication of your camera, and get right to the core of what you need to know! We'll discuss the handful of important things to know about the camera, how to set them, and how to relax and enjoy taking photos that look great! Discussion topics will include:

  • 5 important settings and habits to know about a camera
  • automatic modes and what the camera is actually doing
  • thinking about compositional elements to train you eye
  • what you need to know to get a good print from your image
  • important ideas to preserve your images, whether as digital files or prints

There will be lots of group discussion and plenty of sample images to analyze.  To help get the more out of this workshop, bring your camera and your accessories, and bring something to take notes if you like.  If you would like feedback on images you've taken in the past, bring prints or digital images on your preferred storage media for group discussion.  

This workshop will take place at the main studio at Keywest Photo, 435 Rosser Avenue in Brandon, and is limited to ten people.

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